Reflections on a self-aware servant heart

Hello! How I have missed you all! This post is to first say I am sorry it has been quiet. As a family, we have been working through a growing time. Hubby got a new job (YAY), transitioning to becoming a homeschool family and spending some time doing some personal reflection. Its been busy but oh so good!

I have a ton of fresh new insight that I am so excited to share with you today!

This new revelation is about how God, as our loving Father, is ALWAYS trying to draw us deeper into what matters to him, so we can better reflect him in our world.

Even as I write this I am keenly aware that there are those of you who are profoundly struggling. I hope this post will inspire you for own journey! I KNOW THAT I KNOW THAT I KNOW that he NEVER gives up on us. I hope you feel encouraged as I crack open my heart and share what I have learnt in this new season.

God has been demonstrating to me the need to serve and how serving is where our destiny often lies. Self-awareness is a key to helping us fulfil that very purpose.

A quote I heard recently reflected this idea poignantly.

“It’s amazing what a person can accomplish if they do not care who gets the credit”

The truth is I had it wrong. I  WANTED to matter and make a difference in my world and those around me but not at a cost to me. I wanted it to be done the way I saw it fit and in my own timing! OH MAN! now I see how silly that all is now. The truth is the most effective leaders in our world today have often had a very personal battle and have come out victorious.

Jesus made destiny very clear when he said:

The person that serves you like a servant is the greatest among you. But those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted “Matthew 11-12.

Self-awareness is a key to a servant’s heart 

This is where self-awareness enters in. Self-awareness is defined as “having a conscious knowledge of our own character, feelings, motives and desires. It’s a call to find those deep belief systems within us that determine our behaviour.

We are judged by our behaviour whether we like it or not. We make a choice to trust someone or reject someone based on their behaviour and we do the same. An effective leader will ponder these things in the hope of acing the test of behaviour and reflect Jesus in all that we do.

Self-Awareness is not a new concept.  The Bible is very clear on the matters of self-awareness. Let us take a look..

Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by doing so you will save both yourselves AND YOUR HEARERS. (1 Timothy 4:16).

1 Timothy reveals the importance of persistently keeping yourself watchful (aware) and to persistently do it. The effects of this diligence will not only affect us but also those around us.

Proverbs 21:2 is one of my favourite scriptures on self-awareness. “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart”

This so truly expresses self-awareness biblically as it reflects that the Father values, heart.  How many of us would be guilty of weighing our life by the terms of the world…? We weigh our worth falsely. It is true,  we do need somewhere to live and we all desire to set our kids up for success but at what cost?   These concerns are not what the Lord is concerned with. The heart is where it’s at and the more we reflect a heart that is self-aware the more our children will as well.

I suspect that if we diligently, and vulnerably choose self-awareness in the areas of our lives that need his love. He will bless us by his goodness and give the desires of our heart. This has certainly been my truth.

Addtionally, serving surpasses all barriers and demonstrates the power of the love of God. It illustrates love that is pure and right which then, in turn, aids us to become effective in whatever it is we desire to do.

Jesus understood this beautifully and he reflected this message continually throughout the gospels. The only way we can truly be servants is to be self-aware of what stands in the way and fight the good fight to stay humble. The call to live a life surrendered to the will of God is a call to fight against staying on the surface and drawing deeper into what ails us or hinders us. It reaches for servanthood in ALL areas of our life.

It begs the question… Is my life surrendered in all areas? Do I see every area in my life flourishing and growing?

Now I share this with you today because now I can see that he had a plan for our lives that surpassed my own expectations. A knawing feeling was weighing on me that I hadn’t nailed the self-aware servant heart thing. Some personal reflection and prayer lead us to realize there were some things that needed to do attended to. Homeschooling our children and teaching and training them in the Kingdom was high on that list. It challenged me in ways I hadn’t anticipated but I’m growing in ways I never thought I would.

I would encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit take you on a journey of self-awareness. For those of you who may be struggling with hope or faith, I pray that you hear the heart of the father. He cares and loves you beyond anything you could imagine. Realness is the key to success in this. The more real you get about what hinders you in life the more real God gets in showing you the way out. I pray this reality for you.

In unity and love






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