How the heart will determine your faith level

Faith can be a powerful tool of power when fully understood but it takes courage to believe in that possibility.

In this post, I want to demonstrate how the Lord taught me that the heart is where the abundance or lack of faith resides. Further on from that I want to encourage you to believe wholeheartedly in the possibility of faith changing your families, organisations and churches. Read more “How the heart will determine your faith level”

Living vulnerably

This is my very first post! YAY!

If you knew the drama that entailed to get to this point you would laugh… or cry… depending on your perspective!

Well here goes….

Some experiences in my life taught me to do heart work. I won’t lie it was painful.  You see I had circumstances that were meant to take me out, cause me to become bitter and resentful, smack up that wall of self-protection and live out all my days separate and alone. Read more “Living vulnerably”